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Week 3 and still smiling

The week usually starts with a little bit slowly on a Monday as the team filters back into the place they left off on the Friday, but not this week straight in and at it. New job started in Bircham removing render, specialist works to the cracks before re rendering, french drain put it, black jacking the bottom of the flint work, new guttering, walls stripped off inside and re painted using a solvent based specialist paint to combat damp, more decoration and making good.

Clients very happy and just have to go back to give the render another couple of coats next week (when its dry).Thats not paint on the lead work either its where someone else tried to paint it and then cleaned it off badly as you can see from the before photos.

This is the ongoing job at Dunham where we are taking over from a dodgy builder! Building control wanted to see how the slab was constructed as he never called them out to observe the works as required on these sort of works. I shot a video of the site to see where we are starting and then another one at the final. It was cold so bare with me trying to speak!

The cladding has gone up well on the barn, the rot all dealt with, the felt/baton on ready for the tiles, the lines all pinged on the batons to line the tiles up too.

The inside has been sprayed for woodworm and rot as an extra precaution. There has been a cover to stop the barn owls depositing last nights tea all over the clients potting area. The door to paint, clear up and then finalise the roof before we leave to the next adventure.

News and chat for the week consisted of loads of paperwork and running about to keep the two jobs flowing smoothly.

Monday see back up the top. The Amarok had the trailer system upgraded by auto electrical.

Tuesday i had a meeting with the heating engineer about the Dunham job and this will push the works along. The structural engineer has stepped in to help with the job at Cromer which is set to happen in the summer, at the same time Rob has drawn up plenty of details for the existing works so there are no hold ups.

Wednesday saw Simon and i solve the intercom problem so that the system is fully working, new anti vac trap fitted on the bathroom and power for the Zen garden fountain.

Thursday plans for a garage conversion/extension landed in the inbox and this looks like a great project with a lantern roof. Today i also had the final visit to overhaul of a building on the old air base at Raynham and a start date supplied so the council can issue funds. Lots to do here and its going to be a great project with so many other doors to open.

Friday the day when it usually gets manic and it did! Bathroom overhaul in Hunstanton looked at, materials delivered, invoices were paid and we got paid too, trailer is full to the brim, picked up some oak barrels for the garden so that made me happy and had to sadly let a couple of jobs go as people cannot wait. We are going to look for a contractor who wants the work we cannot go out to look at if anyone knows of a professional small company? Email me direct.

you tube has a couple of new videos too

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