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How to get the most from your Builder!

How a few of us are feeling at the moment

Wow its been a whirlwind year and it never ceases to amaze me on how some people feel they can treat us. We do our best, we try hard, we arrive with a smile and a spring in our step then at times leave smiling and loving life. Then there's those who continually grind away at you and think that we are here to be talked to like crap or be made to feel like we are not doing things right due to previous experiences. Then you get those that stand at the window and watch you all day and change their mind overnight and expect you to pick the bill up for it!!!Grrrr. This is the part of the job that sometimes over shadows the lovely people we work for that greet you with a smile and a handshake, discuss issues with you so you want to make that extra effort for them, thank you at the end of the day, make you a lovely cup of tea and generally make you feel like you want to come to work! These are the people that get the best out of us builders, its not rocket science nor do you require a PHD, we are not machines.

We work in hard conditions, with dangerous materials, dont just do the hours you see whilst onsite and our heads never stopping working out your jobs. If you compare us to a car mechanic who ranges from £30-75 an hour to most builders who are on £140 - 240 a day, then your getting a bloody good deal from us. Moaning? no merely thought some people might realise that to get the most out of your builder then there are some really simple guidelines.

be polite

make tea

provide the right details/plans/measurements etc

pay the stage payments on time

dont stand and watch us all day

do ask questions and if there is a worry then discuss it

dont expect extras to be done for free

check their website, check their insurance, read their reviews, make sure you read and understand their written quote, not estimate or verbal quote

be happy with your builder not just the price

leave them a good review as it means the world to us and we will want to come back

have a great day and see you soon.

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