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Heres a bunch of fives

New day, new week and a new job! Here's the job following a cowboy... We don't profess to be the best but try our hardest to make the client happy and do things right. not always achievable for one or another reason, but we do follow building regs guidelines!

So we have to finish off the bedroom extension, re build the lobby and utility room, clear the site and lots more that will unfold as the weeks progress.

So there are pictures of the site clearance, insulation to the walls, digging out to find footings then re installing the missing footings, working in the mud arghh, stripping out the wrong flooring, black jacking walls as there was no dpc, installing roof timbers to meet the structural engineers guidelines so the roof stays up, batons to remove and install extra felt, drainage to suit, walls to be rebuilt as only 45mm insulation gaps, change levels and so much bloody more. Not one to moan about other builders etc but clients have to accept some responsibility for being ripped off etc as some of us spend so much money on being affiliated with certain bodies and provide detailed quotes, so when you receive a scrap of paper with a few details and a price thats in your budget your leaving yourself open to exploitation. Especially when it makes no mention of windows, doors, plastering, drainage and so on. go online and read what people say about the builder, if you go and buy value food you get value food and its thats why its cheap and cheerful! So all you potential clients i implore you to do some research and not be lazy to go with the cheapest price, who has put no detail on the paper he hands you, as im afraid some of you deserve all you get!

Well the weather must be changing as heres the first honey bee of the year for me. Lets hope these little fellas get what they deserve this year weather wise and hopefully the farmers will cut back on pesticides

Craigs tot of rum after a hard days work, my steak for the finale of the week and the crown that decided not to stay in place to eat the steak...

Velux window that just went POP so we have this to change

Its all about the news:

Head hunted to build Norfolk flint fronts to chip shops around the country, although the architects drawings dont seem feasible, So we will see where this pans out.

The Plant restaurant is finally off the ground and as soon as the lease is signed we can start work

a couple of extension queries to follow up next week

loads of organising as the soil needs to leave site, scaffolding needs to be erected and the roof tiles need to arrive on monday

the apprentice seems to of at last realised that the building trade means getting your hands dirty and we all have to much in together.

We had to get extra help in this week to deal with the rain as i've set a tight deadline with the over sites to get the block work up

flat roof added to the list of jobs

kitchen floor

plastering a wall

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