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4 in a row

Certainly happy as the first month of the year finishes and another job goes well, few small hiccups along the way as extra works unfolded but all in all client and builder are happy. The cladding and new door set the end of the gable off and then its the Zen garden to start as the weather warms up. Ibc pads fitted so that the roof can discharge into water storage for the summer and over flow fitted into the soak away for them.

Found the problem with a cooker hood that stopped working for the client as we fitted two way doors into the opening created last year.

Loads of site clearing up and yet another extra job to repair the end gable onto the field that's almost not there.

One of the reasons to live in Norfolk! the beautiful sun sets.

News and more?

The restaurant in Ely is moving along slowly as the vendor and the tenant discuss who is liable for what and there will be more work than expected. Its good to be working with a pub manager/designer as its giving me a wider scope of field. This plant only restaurant will be at least three phases of work.

Let one new member go after two weeks as not on the same page as i expect.

Getting the hang of using a trailer and its turning out to be fun after so many years of dreading using one.With this new found confidence in reversing maybe the 3.5 t truck will go and we will get a 5t with a hiab later in the year.

had to postpone the external decoration to a job due to the rain stepping in with freezing temperatures alongside

looked at:

one job that was a whole bungalow of plastering, walls down, bathroom kitchen and lintels

outside wood staining and replacing valleys

small bathroom extension

toilet and two bathroom re fit in one house

decided not to price for a couple of jobs as the clients cant wait, still looking for someone to take this slack up for us as its such a shame to not to be able to do the work, but! we are not expanding.

The decision to not expand came from the reality i do not want to work for large sites fitting out for them as i'm content and greed is card i don't want in my deck.

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