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Week 1 of the year

New year, new start and new years resolutions?

splash back for the cooker in supplied tiles

Half the team went onto a kitchen ceiling and tiling job in Swaffham which the client supplied the tiles for us to install.

sloped ceiling

The ceiling was over boarded and flattened off so the guys could then skim the ceiling flat and make a tidy job for the client.

Then they washed the floor, sides and dusted the room as they cleared up to leave.

Fitted new led spotlights to give more light whilst fitting the ceiling

Two days from start to finish, including collection and disposal of materials so you'd expect the client to be happy with the job!

Wednesday saw two of the guys go to fit swinging doors but they arrived damaged so this stopped play, the manufacturer ranted down the phone that they would not replace them, i checked their feedback up on line (which is poor) and now we are going to repair the doors and then fit them for the client who is happy for us to do so. Photos of the job to follow!

Then the rest of us were on a garden overhaul front and back, which included.

trench for a rabbit fence, removal and replacement of trees, a retaining wall and step, lifting part of a patio-washing the slabs-relaying the slabs and more so there is a larger area, inserting kerb edgings and leaving a big pile of dirt for the client to play with. This had a few extras added along the way so will go up in week 2 when its finished.

Friday two of the guys (one of who is a new member and worked well with Dave) put new fascia up, painted it, treated the timber, fitted skirting and decorated it,

Luckily for the lads they had me to contend with on site all day Monday, Friday, half a day Tuesday and odds the rest of the week. It was a joy for us all lol. The time did fly by and so did the work as we all pitched in to beat the rain that threatened to damper our spirits at times, thankfully radio Norfolk and hearts 80's kept our spirits high.

Work looked at this week consisted of : over boarding and plastering a wall that has bad salts, a large kitchen/garage conversion and an outside studio, a wet room/extension/porch and a garage conversion. Wow what a week and the jobs all had a good vibe about them so fingers crossed.

Work in, removing a kitchen floor and re tiling after sorting the leak out, rendering and rectifying brick spoiling, bedroom and kitchen extension with immediate effect. Stripping the first row of felt and replacing it with new.

To look at this coming week so far. I will be finishing day one of week 2 by looking at renovating a restaurant in Ely . Completing the "Zen" garden pricing, Works on guest houses to get them up to current regs, cladding/rendering/decorating/new roof and other odds on the house we are working on doing the garden. A big extension in Syderstone and then that's it for the week as i need to do some pricing before it gets out of hand and we need more staff. Ill try to be in the office this coming week more and post the photos i have to upload so you can see whats been happening.

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