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Floor Adhesive for Tiling
I.S Thompson

24 November 2012

To Whom it May Concern

For several years my wife and I have turned to Stefan Nicolls and S1 Builders for a wide variety of maintenance work on this property, from very modest jobs that were beyond our DIY competence, to quite large undertakings.  Examples of these are :


Roofing repairs          

  • replacing pantiles and torn underfelt

  • replacing leadwork in gullies

  • clearing debris from gullies and gutters



  •  removed pantile roof, replace rotten timbers and renew roof tiles


Bay Windows 

  • removed rotten timber from window frame, replaced and damp-proofed



  • created en-suite bathroom from former bedroom, completely tiled

  • Re-equipped cloakroom with modern sanitary fittings and tiling

  • Boarded and skimmed ceilings and walls over the majority of the building

  • Various minor plumbing and central heating radiator replacements


In all these activities, I have found Stefan to be diligent, thorough and trustworthy, taking care to ensure our satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending SI Builders to you.

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