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Terms and Agreements

Terms and agreements: (these are not set in stone and can be adjusted to suit each client’s individual needs, please ignore the ones not relevant to you).


• I would like to agree with the customer beforehand access details for mixing/toilets/water/electricity/storage of materials during the day and overnight (if possible)
• starting and finishing times to suit both parties and are subject to change with as much notice as possible
• any materials that are specially ordered, need full payment before ordering is undertaken
• payments can be cash or BACS
• Payments will be needed on purchase of materials and at stages throughout until completion. This is usually a tiered structure 30%/40%/30% on jobs over a week. These terms may be negotiable.
• We are covered by 2-million-pound public liability insurance and appreciate that when undertaking a job that the area of works is classed as a “building site” and I am in full control of this area for health and safety issues. In some instances, this is not possible, and we will leave the area in a “safe” condition whilst making the client aware of the potential hazards.
• So as not to cause offence all “S1 Builders Norfolk” workers will not do work out of the company, everything runs through “S1Builders Norfolk”, so we appreciate if you keep all enquiries to “Mr Nicholls”..
• The customer must take responsibility for damage/loss/theft of works during (if in their
care) and after completion “S1 Builders Norfolk” reserves the right to consult legal
advice or reserve the right to admit liability through the customer’s negligence after
advice being given verbally or in writing.
• All advice given is to the best of our knowledge and in no way, can we be held
responsible if the customer chooses to accept it or ignore it.
• Any quotation by “S1 Builders Norfolk” is for the works on the quotation only and the
price includes all materials to carry out these works, all materials remain the property of
“S1 Builders Norfolk” until FULL payment, as do all excess materials unless an
agreement is arranged beforehand with the customer or the customer supplies any
• Excess materials unless bought solely by the client are part of the price and after the
works are complete the surplus then comes out of the overall profit. This surplus of
materials either is returned, sold, recycled, or put into storage for later works.
• I guarantee all our work that is quoted for and will be carried out in a highly professional
• We do accept constructive criticism
• Any works undertaken will only be carried out if the customer signs and returns the
quotation. For any added works that SHOULD arise whilst working (either by being
added by the customer or to unforeseen circumstances) a separate agreement is then
undertaken to cover both parties (unless other arrangements are made)
• When plans are supplied any details omitted from the plans that are necessary to carry out
the said works are charged as extras. “S1 Builders Norfolk” accept NO responsibility for
incorrect plans or information given to them and hold the client solely responsible for
correct details to be supplied or agreed with “S1 Builders Norfolk” on agreement of the
extra costing should it arise.
• This quotation stands for twenty-eight days from the date and signature below, “S1
Builders Norfolk” cannot guarantee that prices do not change after this date and the client
is solely responsible for any price changes that could arise from price fluctuations in
materials. Usually this does not happen, but the ever-changing cost of fuels has a
dramatic change in material costs.
• We like to give materials that deliver the client practicality and affordability without
dropping the quality of the works.
• The quotation and the T and C’s must both be returned together. These are open to
discussion at any time to be changed if needed.
• Please be reminded final payment is payable on the day of satisfactory completion or by
return on receipt of an invoice. (Unless discussed and arrangements made). Failure to do
so makes a 3% charge above bank base rate.

*"Please note that the quoted price may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances"
'We have recently changed our legal name from "S1 Builders Ltd" to S1 Builders Norfolk. Please be confident that all our guarantees or warranties given under "S1 Builders Ltd" will still be honoured for their duration.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns.

Thank you for your interest in the company and I look forward to working with you in the
future. You can call me at any time to discuss the quotation or any other matters you feel I
may be able to help you with.

Yours sincerely
Stefan Nicholls
Stefan Nicholls