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week 50 with us so far

The sun is out and everyone is happy or so it seems. offers for pricing for two extensions, one roof job, two small jobs and its only Wednesday. The roof at brancaster draws to its final week then we have to re do a roof on the house that another builder did but its leaking, so to the rescue does S1 come. Found a fault on the aga for the client as it kept blowing the trips and at 1830 on a friday it was a bit of a mission to have to go back. So i explained that even with a plug in an extension lead it will still blow the trip, i wired it up so the lady could see and yes it still blew the trip.

Tie rod bars fitted today to stop two walls slipping apart, new taps for a bath and a sink, two toilets with new flush systems as the old one were sticking, new loft ladder in and the old one installed into their other loft.

Meeting went well with clients for the new year when we have to re roof a barn, install cladding to the end and build a custom ZEN garden.

Planned for the rest of the week we have site meetings with an architect over putting right a part botched job that someone left the client in the lurch and building control are involved as half of it is not signed off. Bathroom refits to look at, floors to self level ready for tiling, a kitchen to finish off, new fascia and soffit to go up then decorated. So a busy week ahead for us all!

The team i have are amazing and at long last its great to have people round that actually have the company at heart and not themselves, who care what work they turn out and are honest. S1 Builders Norfolk is so lucky.

Plus with all of us in the new colours and a new logo its like a completely different chapter for myself and the firm.

That's a few of the details from the week so far, photos will follow so keep tuned in

Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!

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