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Here we go here we go

Summer is actually here, works flying in at all angles and we are now taking on work for next march. Yes 2020. Happy with the new site look as its keeping up with the times and brighter, just like the future!

New team members, to keep up with the work load and not put so much pressure on everyone.

Going to get into a routine of posting more blogs but with having to continually chase people up for materials, kitchens, bathrooms, windows etc I'm spending more time in the office working than actually being able do all the little things that get us found on the web.

Even coming out of COVID19's cloudy skies its not been just doom and gloom, its taught us how to be more tolerable around people but! not take their problems on board and tell them politely, NO! Learning to people manage more efficiently and honestly has helped get us through this upside down time.

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