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why so long?

Well its been so long as with the naughty covid i lost sight of the need to sit at a pc and enjoyed the sun and garden. Then when we did get back to work it was such a shock my rhythm and routine has totally gone to pot, with this then slowly getting back into some sort of order our work load went sky bound. So with all the difficulties of getting materials, dealing with everyone that seems to be affected by covid in some way shape or form its a total new playing field for us all. i have never had so many people at home whilst we undertake works, asking so many questions, changing their minds so many times and basically being a pain in the arse. This coupled with merchants unable to supply materials and a back log to complete from before the lock down its been a stressful time. So now after evaluating the lay of the land i have asked my guys, the clients and the merchants to work together and understand that we are all in the same boat so grab an oar and paddle together so we get there and not go round in circles. We totally sympathise with the issues you are all going/gone through but we also are undergoing the same issues and want to get your work done to the highest standard we can with the biggest smile on our faces too. So please work with us and share a smile so these difficult times are shared between us as we work to complete the project undertaken on your behalf. Lets all stay safe and remember we are all one big team to beat this virus as i don't wish to be forced to go into a lock down again.

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