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Looking to hire a new labourer!

There is now an opportunity for a labourer to join our team on a full time, self employed basis!

the pro's

starting at 400 p/w, going up to 500 p/w (if you are any good, age and attitude)

0800-1630 non paid 30 mins break

your duties are to aid the tradesmen or what ever duties asked of you

the site is your concern with the other labourer so it needs to be kept clean, tidy and safe

you will be asked to learn other skills after you have mastered the art of being a labourer (this is a trade not everyone can grasp!)

we usually work in a 20 mile radius of Fakenham (towards Kings Lynn)

you must be happy and want to work

you get paid every week on a Thursday evening into your bank

we cover all aspects of the building trade so the ability to learn the lot is down to your mental attitude

you will get the opportunity to wear the S1 logo

i expect 40 hours work for 40 hours pay and don't expect to treat you like a donkey

we are a team and there are no solo players

if there is a problem we deal with it as a team

there is the opportunity to do overtime but its not expected

if i wont do it then i don't expect you to do it

you will be required to keep yourself presentable and articulate

the cons?

phones are for your own time not mine

if you break it you pay for it

if we get negative feedback from a client then you'll be asked to leave

if you cant fit in with all the lads then you'll be asked to leave as its team work

smoking is at dinner times only and off site

you will be required to have your own transport

basic tools required

4 weeks probation

you need public liability if you stay on

safety wear is required

you will be required to do 5 days a week and 40 hours in total

do not be late or fail to come in or you will be asked to stay at home

personal business stays at home

if you cant do the above then do not contact me. its an immediate start, but for the right applicant i can let you work your time out with your existing company.


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