Happy Days - without the fonz~!

Some really interesting jobs have fell into our laps lately and we cant wait to start them next year:

repairing an old bell tower in syderstone

decking to a large swimming pool

converting a barn/unit so the is a raised bar area with wooden stairs

a large kitchen and utility revamp

major internal works, a garden room, underpinning, landscaping, fencing, paths, new windows, a fire and so much more at one bungalow.

bathroom re fit and design

left to do this year and only 8 weeks left to do it. the pressure is on!

finish an extension with a shower room and dining room- dersingham

kitchen and bathroom- kings lynn

shower room- hindringham

bathroom extension- wellingham

conservatory- holme hale

internal doors - holme hale

replacement cladding to a beach house - heacham

cladding to a house and a custom wardrobe - heacham

extension- cromer

bathroom refit- watlington

So ive a busy task ahead of me to put the befores and after on here . New team members starting this week too!!

Panoramic view of just one of our bathrooms


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