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Good luck?

well after being called out to look at potentially renovating a 600 year old cottage in snettisham i left feeling quite aggrieved, why you ask?

So i turn up all smiles to be confronted with someone that claims to of done properties before and so on and so on , yawn! The previous builder is no where to be seen and the building needs so much TLC that sticky tape and brown paper will not work on this one.

the list:

bulging walls, delaminating of the walls, damaged pattress plates, corners unstitching from the walls, badly repaired walls (he paid for this work and its ghastly-but he's done this before), holes in the walls and so on. The structure is carrstone and lime mortar so in this weather all open and exposed is crazy another reason to doubt "ive done this before"! oddly so have i!!!!! but hey ho im still smiling and pointing a few things out when im told "im not frightened by it and its 600 years old", that a chimney is going up to hold the gable wall up etc. Then im told there will be no engineer's report before the work is priced, thats odd. So after a quick pause and a trip down memory lane at the jobs i jumped to when a newbie i politely say " i cant do anything without an engineers report". (in my own opinion-Only a fool would do or one that wishes it to bite him in the back side at some point),

so quite curtly im told "no engineer!" and i angelically answer well im not interested and good luck as i turn to walk to the van to go and do some work on a building of a similar age with, yes you guessed it, an engineers report! Rudely i get "i wont need any luck as im passing" well f##k you and i hope your building falls down sprang immediately to mind but by the time the engine started and radio norfolk came on i pitied the poor wife who stood there briefly smiling.

Whats the moral to the story, you ask yourself or maybe you dont give a s##t . Dont take risks when doing up your house, get the facts at the start so your less inclined to be left in a muddle as you run out of money. Research and get it right please!!!!

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