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What a rotten week 2, find out why below

Bore holes being dug onsite to ascertain the ground construction for the structural engineer to do calculations for the new footings. The wall will be going up against an old forge so it has to be right. This is part of the job where we are taking over from a builder (well a loosely worded one) that started the build then did a runner.

so we are going to build the kitchen/utility rooms extension, the bedroom extension, the ground clearance, new fencing, new boiler and underfloor heating and all the other works associated works to fulfil the original request the clients had with the builder.

simple little job here for a couple of the guys! remove the fascia, spray the timbers, make good then replace and decorate. Other associated works inside but this client has had us paint the whole inside and out, new bathroom tiling, room make overs, skirting, plastering and more

Well here is a barn roof we are repairing, well actually as it nearly rebuilding it ! sadly the timbers as we removed the felt and exposed various areas rot decided that it had been living the life of riley as it ate away at the woodwork. But with a good team on hand we have sprayed all timbers with a rot treatment, inserted new timbers, rebuilt areas, inserted an rsj, new oak beam to follow, new plate, new brickwork, the end is being cladded, guttering into a water storage container to be used via a tap, plus lots more. more pictures to follow.

well for a bit of down time and to hand out we make custom soap and its going down really well with the clients. Its almost nearly turning into a small business adventure with a herbalist having us make a specialist body lotion for her as they are all 100% natural and specifically to clients requirements.

The rest of the news and what we have picked up this week

a flooring restoration project, making good to the front of a house where window fitters damaged the reveals etc and a patio to lay

trucks back on the road after some much needed welding so as soon as the crazy period slows down we are going to be looking for another one.

The nagging cold keeps popping up amongst us and one of the team is still unable to drive as he has it so bad, luckily we have a new member.

The coming week sees us battle with the roof, cladding going up, more inspection holes, intercom systems fitted and meetings with building control.

A couple of times this week i have had meetings with pub owners, a media manager and the owner of a new 100% plant based restaurant which we will be looking to refurbish in three stages for him. This is certainly exciting considering the media call for a slash in the amount of meat eaten and more plants included in our daily diet.

thats it for this week and you have a few more photos this time as i find out what all the buttons are for.

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